Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hello, again

Hello. Again. I'm Michael. I've just noticed, weeks later, that I mispelled the url for my blogs name. So I'm recreating it. Here is the rest of my original Hello post. I'll copy the others over here over the next couple of days.

... And I am egotistical enough to think that you should be reading what I have to say. On politics, religion, history. Here's a picture of me from several years ago. Add more grey to the beard and that would be me now. I use to consider myself a constitutionalist until the name was hijacked by these people that don't seem to have read the first amendment. Otherwise their platform wouldn't have this:"The law of our Creator defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman." I am happily heterosexual. But does anyone remember that this country use to have laws saying who you could or could not marry based on race? Nowadays a congress critter or state level politician would be laughed from the podium if they were to propose a law banning marriage between, for examples, an oriental and a white anglo-saxon or an irish-american protestant and an irish-american catholic. I believe that government should get out of the personal decision about marriage. Because of the existing legal structures I believe that marriage should be defined as a contracted relationship between two or more people that meet the normal constraints of being able to enter into contracts.After 30 years as a registered Republican I have had to find a new home. I've joined the Libertarian Party. Unfortunately for the other local members, I'm a warmongering libertarian. I support the war on terror. I do not support the Patriot Act. I do not support President Bush misrepresenting the reasons for attacking Iraq. I think that there were sufficient reasons that lies were not needed. I am not an isolationist.As should be obvious by the name I've chosen for this blog I am a firm supporter of the 2nd amendment. I believe that our inalienable rights are individual rights.More later,Michael

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