Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As Even a 14 yr old Knows, The Republic was not the Evil Empire

I was reading Foxnews when I saw the following:

"During his address to the Center for New American Security, Danzig also said much can be learned about the motivations of terrorists by looking at, for instance, soccer fans who become absorbed by violence or even the Star Wars movies.

According to the article, Danzig said a terrorist from the 1995 Tokyo nerve gas attack once told him: “We have been raised on a theory of superheroes. We all want to be like Luke Skywalker.”

Danzig argued that anyone who leads a “mundane” life and loses his or her ambition can be tempted by the promises of an extremist group or leader."

Danzig use to be a Navy Secretary under Clinton and is now one of Obama's National Security advisors.

When I read this I tried to believe that he was referring to Chancellor Palpatine but then I found this at the Sidney Morning Herald, 'He added: "The parallels with al-Qaeda are obvious."'
So I called up the only 14 year old that I could think of. I asked "Was Luke Skywalker a good guy or a bad guy?" She said "Good guy."
So, a 14 year old can do what an Obama advisory can not: tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

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